Bata Pa Si Sabel Full Movie

Sabel, a young bride in her twenties that is gang-raped while on honeymoon. Three men barge into their honeymoon suite, then force her husband, Bryan, to watch as they do ungodly things to her. They kill them afterwards, and the couple's dead bodies are dumped into the ocean. Miraculously, she survives and ends up in an isolated island. There, she meets the man who is going to be instrumental in her revenge - Mang Nestor, an ex-military officer who was convicted of murder. Disguised as a different person and armed with a dagger, Sabel goes back to her hometown. With the kind of suffering she has prepared for her assailants, they will surely regret laying their hands on her.

Cast & credits

Micaella Raz, JC Tan, Rash Flores, Chad Solano, Benz Sangalang, Angela Morena, Stephanie Raz, Gardo Versoza, Julio Diaz, Katya Santos

Reynold Giba

Vic del Rosario, Jr.

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